Training Africa's Top Tech Talent


WeThinkCode_ recruits young people that show a high aptitude for a career in software development. We specifically focus on offering opportunities to youth with no prior coding experience.


WeThinkCode_ trains youth in South Africa to be world-class software developers that are equipped with market-relevant programming skills, and work readiness competencies built up through the dynamic learning environment.


The aim is to ensure that graduates leave WeThinkCode_ with a job and an accredited qualification in systems development. WeThinkCode_ has placed 91% of its graduates in permanent employment.

Bridging the Tech Skills gap

WeThinkCode_ is a South African software development academy tackling the technical skills shortage and youth unemployment. We recruit talented youth, providing specialized training to turn them into proficient backend developers in 16 months using our tailored curriculum and learning system.

Working With the Best Partners in South Africa & Globally

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